Allow me to introduce myself


Hello! My name is Carson Copeland, and I am junior at Clemson University studying Graphic Communications. 

Designing has always been my favorite, whether that's creating logos, designing graphics for clothing, or creating artwork for a specific project. I have a special appreciation for retro and vintage, but also modern design which I love to combine. This allows me to be flexible in my work, and grow in several creative directions. 

I am striving to work with a brand that I can help grow, and that I can grow from. I have built my educational foundation with an entrepreneurial mindset, which I believe compliments my creative skills so that I can introduce new and unique concepts organically. 

When not working, I really enjoy working on personal projects, reading, doing yoga, or playing with my guinea pig cherry. 

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Clemson University Class of 2023

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications, Minor in Entrepreneurship, Minor in Brand Communications

Class Experience

  • Packaging Science

  • Digital Imaging

  • Ink and Substrates

  • Visual Design and Art Direction

  • Media Management

  • Survey of Brand Communications

  • Entreprenuerial Foundations